Create your account

Open the SnoreLogic app and sign up with your email address and password. Then go to your email account and click on the link to verify your email address.

Create your profile

Go back to the app and fill out some basic information: your height, weight, sex, year of birth. These are all important factors linked to snoring (we’re not just being nosy).

Turn on microphone access

Tap the yellow button to allow microphone access. SnoreLogic’s intelligent algorithm detects snoring and breathing sounds, but ignores other noise, so users can maintain their privacy. ​

Log your snoring mouthpiece (if you have one)

If you use a snoring mouthpiece to help with your snoring, now’s the time to log it in the app. You’ll then be able to access help with molding, adjustment, and daily use tips. If you don’t use a snoring mouthpiece, just click through to the next screen.

Set a reminder

It might be a good idea to set a nightly reminder to use SnoreLogic before you go to bed. Choose a time for the app to give you a nudge in starting an analysis.

Insert your OSA risk test scores

Snoring is often the first sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a condition where you stop breathing in the night. Use the links here to record your STOP-BANG score, and your ESS score. The results will help you discover if you’re at risk of OSA.

Start an analysis

Now it’s time to start your analysis. Remember to place your phone on your bedside table with the screen face down, and plugged in to charge.

Set your recording time

Work out how many hours you’re planning to sleep for. Then log this figure in the app so it knows how long to record for.

Time to go to sleep!

Once you’ve started your analysis, your screen should look like this. Go to sleep, and remember not to press the ‘wake’ button on the side of your phone (otherwise the analysis might stop).

Save your analysis

When you wake up, the app will give you the option of saving or discarding your night’s analysis. Tap ‘keep’, and SnoreLogic will save your results to the app.

Personalise your results

SnoreLogic will now ask you if you wore a snoring mouthpiece. If you did, you’ll then be able to rate the device for comfort and fit.

Select your snoring factors

Tap on the factors that might have affected your sleep.

Select your snoring actions

If you used something to help reduce your snoring (like a product, or sleeping in a new position), log it here.

Check your snoring report

Your report will show you how often and loudly you snored in the night. It will also indicate the number of events where you stopped breathing or struggled to breathe. You’ll be able to listen back to some of your snores and breathing disruptions, and monitor the factors that might have made an impact.

The next steps

Based on your snoring report, SnoreLogic will offer some suggestions to help you move forward in your sleep health journey. Use the personalised tips and information to improve your treatment/method of reducing snoring, or trial a new one.



SnoreLogic is a mobile app designed to be used by adults to help manage snoring and sleep breathing disruptions.


SnoreLogic is compatible with Android 7.0+, and iOS 12.0+​


SnoreLogic can help you manage snoring by:​

1) Detecting the occurrence and sound level of snoring and allowing you to listen to selected snore events.​
2) Providing reports and suggestions to help you make snoring management decisions.​
3) Providing support to help you use the SnoreLogic Snoring Mouthpiece.​
4) Directing you towards independent, third-party screening questionnaires to help assess your risk of having obstructive sleep apnoea.

SnoreLogic also identifies when you may have stopped breathing or struggled to breathe and:​

1) presents the severity and extent of these events through a Breathing Disruption Index​
2) allows you to listen to selected breathing disruption events


This app has not been designed for use by children, nor has it been trained to recognise the sound of children’s snores. However there is negligible risk of harm from its use in any age group.​

Although unlikely, it may be possible that by following in-app suggestions you experience pain from your snoring mouthpiece which is not improved by following further in-app suggestions to reduce it. In this case, you should disregard in-app suggestions and refer only to the instructions for use provided with the snoring mouthpiece.