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Get an in-depth look at your snoring and breathing disruptions so you can take action to improve your health and relationship.

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SnoreLogic Snoring App

The World’s Most Advanced Free Snoring App

Superior Tech

SnoreLogic doesn’t track just any noise. The smart algorithm is trained to recognize the unique acoustic characteristics of snoring and breathing disruptions.

Easy to Use

Simply place your phone next to your bed and press “Record” before you go to sleep. The app will do the rest.

Developed by Experts

The Snorelogic App was developed by Europe’s #1 snoring relief brand in partnership with world-leading AI experts.

Gain Valuable Info About Your Sleep

View Clear Reports

Daily reports explain how loudly and how often you snored in the night, and whether or not you experienced any breathing disruptions (events where you may have stopped breathing or struggled to breathe in the night).

Hear It For Yourself

Don’t take your partner’s word for it. Listen back to audio clips of your snoring to hear what you really sound like.

Track Your Progress

The “Reports” tab will save a snoring report for each night you’ve used the app, allowing you to easily monitor changes over time.

Discover Solutions & Stop Your Snoring

See the Whole Picture

Log lifestyle factors that may have impacted your snoring. You’ll get a much better idea of why you snore more or less on certain nights.

Learn How to Take Action

Receive tips about remedies and lifestyle changes that can reduce or stop your snoring.

Try Out Remedies

Use the SnoreLogic App alongside snoring relief products to test how well they work.

Manage Your Sleep Health with Daily Reports

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The full version of the app is 100% free to use, contains zero ads, and we will never sell your data.


SnoreLogic can help you take control of your sleep health. It analyzes how loudly and frequently you snore, and provides useful reports and suggestions to help you get a better night’s sleep.

While other apps simply track noise, the SnoreLogic algorithm is trained to recognize the unique acoustic characteristics of snoring, giving you more accurate reports.

Yes, SnoreLogic is 100% free to use and contains no ads or in-app purchases.

SnoreLogic provides valuable info that you can use to solve your snoring problem. Log lifestyle factors that may have impacted your snoring, get suggestions on lifestyle changes to make, and test remedies and snoring relief products to see how well they work.

Your data is fully anonymous, and the app does not make recordings except for a few examples of snores for you to listen back to.